The Sacred Cow Gone Mad Over The Manly 7.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity” Martin Luther King, Jr.

There was a time when homosexuals were bashed quite frequently. It used to be a thing as recently as the 20th century. Yes, shocking as it sounds, self-proclaimed Christians and many non-Christians would seek out gays to bash in hopes of setting them straight. Much like the Pharisees and religious hypocrites, they deluded themselves into thinking they were doing God’s work.

Obviously things are extremely different today, to the point that homosexuals are no longer victims. They have become the victimizers. Anyone who does not support or bow down to the LGBTQIA agenda can fall victim to cancel culture and discrimination. They are threatened, harassed, stood down and sidelined.

Like the Manly 7, who refused to play whilst wearing jumpers promoting gay pride. Their refusal, seen as discriminatory and exclusionary, sidelined them. Apparently, Manly did not want to be responsible for young gay boys’ potential suicides. We get it. For decades, gays had it tough.

The moral outrage we have seen from the LGBTQIA community in recent years is to some extent understandable, given the way they were treated in the past. Marginalized, mistreated, bashed and abused, of course it is only natural that they would want revenge. The fear must grip them at the thought of things reverting back to “those” days. So real is it in their minds that they are ready to pounce on every individual or group who by faith acts on their consciences against that lifestyle.

Fear breeds hatred which divides and destroys, fueling more hate. Bloody vengeful pride offered on sacred cow’s alter of diversity or discrimination. It is the cycle of humanity. The story of our sinful nature inherited from our forefathers. Without the transforming power of Christ there is no forgiveness or grace, not for the gay-bashers of old, nor for the vengeful gays anew. All are guilty.

There was an Old Testament time when sinners were stoned to death too, long before God sent grace through His son Jesus. The Old Testament gave the law, and New Testament brought grace. Grace does not mean acceptance and tolerance. It means we do not expect non-Christians to believe in Christian values or act like Christians. We live in the world but we are not of the world. Whilst we do not condone or entertain ones sinful lifestyle, we are also aware of our own very real sinful natures, also not to be tolerated and accepted. So we balance the narrow ridge daily to stay on the straight and narrow by the grace of God. Mercy triumphs over judgement.

God is a God of love, truth and forgiveness. Without Him, the world will tear each other to pieces. The truth does hurt. It hurts because deep down we all know when we are wrong or living outside God’s will. Every man has a conscience. Let everyone live by their conscience, come what may. True justice comes from above, keep your peace as they lay you on their alter. Our day of recompense will come.

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